Kinsch Design can take any perennial garden project from concept to installation.  We can even have our team of experts maintain your new garden!  Kinsch Design typically offers a four-step process (or pick and choose a step that best fits your needs). 


Initially, we like to set up a consultation to come and meet with you and assess the gardening areas you need help with.  The visit is up to one hour and include plant suggestions-- and even a rough hand sketch if you like.  The consultation fee is $45.00. 



If you are wanting a more in-depth plan, like a computer generated drawing, Kinsch's Design team can create one for you!  Using a snapshot of your garden area,  our software allows us to place plant material, hardscapes, arbors, and more over the photo to give you a realistic visual idea of how your garden will look at maturity.  This works great on many levels – it gives you a map of a garden plan; critical for budget planning; great visual of the various plant textures and colors of how material will look at maturity.   A view can include the front of the house, a side of the house, etc…  Each design that we put together -- we plan interest for all four seasons!  The fee for each view is $275.00. 



Once a plan is decided upon, we then put together a proposal that includes:  plant material, demolition, soil amendments, installation/labor, hardscaping, soil/mulch, and disposal fees.  At this time, we will be taking any required soil samples.



Kinsch’s expert team of installers will make your plan into a reality.  We source all materials and deliver it to your site.  In addition, we can act as a “General Contractor” and coordinate other trades that may need to be brought in such as electricians, deck builders, large tree removal contractors, irrigation experts, etc.


After a project is installed by our team, we offer maintenance services where we ensure your gardens are staying at their peak all year round!  

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